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Everyone knows that foods have a season, but did you know that seasonal beers are also possible? Just like soup in winter, ice cream in summer and the way different fruits and veggies are “in season”, beers have their seasons too!

In winter, darker and heavier beers (sometimes called “winter warmers”) are popular as are beers that use spices reminiscent of the holidays – like cinnamon, clove and dried fruits. In spring it’s time for the bock beer, a German style beer that often comes around Lent or Easter. Of course summer beers include saisons and wheat beers – lighter ales that are perfect for warm weather and refreshing on a hot summer day. And in fall everyone loves a pumpkin ale. Pumpkin ales are everywhere these days, with many breweries getting in on that trend.

Also consider pairing your seasonal cooking with seasonal beers – both as a drink and as an ingredient!

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