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When it comes to senior health, modern-day seniors have many requirements and many options when shopping for and choosing care. Make sure your facility is able to keep up with the competition!

Seniors are looking for 5 things in particular when they search for a new place to live or a healthcare facility. They are as follows: Reputation, Location, Medical Care, Facilities and Amenities, and Care Staff. The best places have all five.

Many senior places are doing away with the myth that surround senior health facilities also. Modern facilities are built around community, socializing and activities. Seniors today want to continue their lifelong hobbies and explore new ones.

Lastly, there is the choice between receiving home care and entering a facility. Seniors who are healthy enough to remain at home late in life may consider this option because it can save money and allow for greater freedom.  Seniors who need more around-the-clock care should consider a facility.

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Senior Care Facilities & Senior Living

3 Myths About Making the Transition to Assisted Living

Helping residents make the transition to assisted living can be a big challenge because there are many misconceptions about the process.

As every nursing care and assisted living facility owner knows, there are a lot of misconceptions about assisted living and senior care. Unfortunately, these myths can often be challenging for new residents and their families to overcome when they make the transition to assisted living. Fear of the unknown has the power to cause a lot of extra stress and anxiety, especially for those who are elderly or experiencing health challenges. Debunking some of the myths can help families feel more at ease when they help a loved one move into your facility.

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5 Key Qualities People Look for in Assisted Living Facilities

If you work in an assisted living facility, review these five qualities to determine how well your facility stacks up.

Seeking out a quality assisted living facility for a loved one can be an overwhelming process. Whether the loved one requires additional care for safety or medical reasons, when the time comes, choosing the right facility can be difficult. Figuring out where to even start can be daunting. The more information that can be pulled together will ensure an informed decision. These five elements make up an assisted living checklist that will ease the process of deciding on the right facility to meet the family’s needs. Alternately, if you work in an assisted living facility, it’s equally important to be familiar with these five qualities and how well your facility stacks up.

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