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Try these tips to save water at your hotel, apartment complex or restaurant! In today’s wold, sustainability is everyone’s concern.

Rain barrels are a simple and cheap way to save on water for your landscaping. By capturing rain water and reusing it to water your garden, trees and shrubs or other plantings you can quickly cut costs. Your landscaping may offer other areas to cut water usage: make sure to only water in the evening, overnight or early morning hours when the sun is low and use mulch to retain water around plants.

Kitchens should consider installing foot pedal operated sinks, and encouraging staff to thaw food in the fridge instead of under running water. Every business can install low flow toilets and showers, automatic sinks and other energy star rated appliances. Hotels can also institute a linen reuse program to allow for less water used in washing and raise consumer awareness!

Reduce Restaurant Water Costs
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Cut Water Costs: How to Reduce Expenses in a Restaurant

Running a profitable restaurant requires more than creating delicious meals.

You need to watch your bottom line and reduce expenses too. Cutting water costs is a great place to start. Restaurant owners know to stay on the lookout for ways to save. Running a watertight ship is essential to keep your place afloat. Without watching utility costs, you could be flushing water down the drain. Here’s how to cut your water costs and boost those profit margins.

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hotel water costs
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Tons of Super-Simple Tips for Reducing Hotel Water Usage & Costs


You simply can’t afford to keep ignoring your hotel water usage – not just for your profit margin, but also for the environment.

You’ve got a lot more than just rooms to manage. There’s the kitchens, multiple public and in-suite bathroom facilities, pools and hot tubs, laundry, cooling, heating and landscaping. All of these places use incredible amounts of water, and if you don’t understand how quickly those water usage costs can add up, then your hotel could be missing out on some serious money. Learn how to reduce water usage and potentially improve your bottom line in the process.

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