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Your water heater can explode! Mythbusters proved it – and we will help you avoid disaster. A water heater explosion can be dangerous and cause major damage; not only to the water heater equipment, but puts the lives of your tenants, employees, or residents at risk. A water heater explosion is bad news for everyone involved. So know the signs of water heater failure and be prepared with an outstanding service place from Reliable Water Services. We provide water heater repair, rental, and replacement in case of an emergency – 24/7 service. Any time your commercial water heater goes down, we have trained, professional technicians on the way to you to keep the hot water downtime as low as possible. No hot water means unhappy customers, and that is the last thing any commercial property manager wants on their hands. Ensure that, in the case of an emergency, your commercial water heater is covered.

exploding water heater
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Your Water Heater Can EXPLODE! Mythbusters, Revisited

Mythbusters confirmed it. Everything you need to know about exploding water heaters!

Hot water is as simple as turning on a faucet—it’s a basic part of living as a human being in the developed world. It hasn’t always been that easy though. Before the modern standard of water heating units in every building and home, hot water was considered a luxury; it was not a necessity, nor a standard. Happily for us modern folk, hot water is readily available and no longer a luxury.

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