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Water heater safety is important to consider because not only is there a risk to the functionality of your commercial business if there’s a water heater emergency, but you put customers, staff, and others in danger. When proper safety procedures aren’t followed, you run the risk of anything from malfunctioning equipment occurrences to a water heater explosion. To avoid disaster, you must follow proper water heater safety procedures. Reliable Water Services stresses proper safety precautions in all instances, from water heater sizing, maintenance, functionality, and more. Our entire team, from our technicians to our corporate representatives have a vital technical knowledge of how water heater systems work, the maintenance needed to keep them running, and a passion for customer service – making the commercial equipment rental process as easy and pleasant as possible. Reliable’s unbeatable rental, repair, and replacement service plans put our customers first in every aspect, from water heater safety to maintenance, professionalism, and more.

make up air unit exhaust vent
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The Importance of Make-Up Air

Airflow is just as important to a building as keeping the lights on and the water running. When it comes to water heaters, it’s an important safety issue as well.

Builders spend a lot of time and effort ensuring the elements don’t get in. More precisely, they do their best to route the elements where they want them to go: the rain goes down the rainspouts on the side of the building and the air goes out the exhaust fans of a ventilation system. While you might be entirely able to manage water, air is a much trickier element to control. Knowing how to control the air flow through a building keeps heating costs down, protects equipment from damage and keeps employees happy.

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exploding water heater
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Your Water Heater Can EXPLODE! Mythbusters, Revisited

Mythbusters confirmed it. Everything you need to know about exploding water heaters!

Hot water is as simple as turning on a faucet—it’s a basic part of living as a human being in the developed world. It hasn’t always been that easy though. Before the modern standard of water heating units in every building and home, hot water was considered a luxury; it was not a necessity, nor a standard. Happily for us modern folk, hot water is readily available and no longer a luxury.

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