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A boiler is an enclosed unit in which water or other fluid is heated. Boilers are capable of heating lager complexes, pools, or other large areas that need hot water, making them generally larger and more complex than water heaters. Reliable Water Services provides water heater and boiler rental contracts servicing Southeastern Wisconsin, Indiana, and the greater midwest area. Posts under the “boiler” category discuss boiler and indirect water heating systems, give energy-efficient tips and money saving tips for using hot water systems, and more.

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Save Money & the Environment with ENERGY STAR®

ENERGY STAR® was created with the intention of preserving our environment, and it also saves YOU money long-term.

In today’s competitive economy, more and more hotels, restaurants, apartments and condos are switching over to appliances and other equipment with the ENERGY STAR® rating for a couple of BIG reasons: long-term savings and an increase in environmental sustainability. But what is ENERGY STAR® and why does it matter if a product has the ENERGY STAR® stamp?

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City Steam

Have you ever seen a fourteen-story boiler? Yep, you read that right. FOURTEEN STORIES.

It takes FOUR of these monster-sized boilers to supply much of the City of Milwaukee’s downtown buildings with steam heat. All that steam comes from a centralized plant located in the Menomonee Valley and owned by We Energies. The facility provides water and atmospheric heat for 450 downtown Milwaukee buildings, all while producing electricity as a byproduct of the steam generation. The Valley facility is the largest utility-owned co-generation plant in the entire United States – and it’s right in the backyard of our Reliable Water Services HQ! Seems like city steam heat runs most everything in downtown Milwaukee, just like it has since the mid-1800’s.

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