Non-Alcoholic Drink Options for Breweries

There is a myriad of non-alcoholic drink options for breweries.

First, there are non-alcoholic drink options, which continue to grow in popularity. Still, other options include mocktails, limited-edition sodas, sparkling waters, and other fun and delicious NA beverages. If you’re interested in catering to customers who don’t want to drink alcohol without relying solely on the same old thing, here are some creative ideas for craft beverages that will generate a different buzz.

Health consciousness is a rising trend with staying power. Where older consumers settled for syrupy sodas or sugar-laden iced tea as their only alternatives, younger consumers want better: more variety, exciting flavors, and healthier ingredients. And there are plenty of ways breweries, bars, and restaurants can deliver.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Options

If you’re running a craft brewery, non-alcoholic (NA) beers are an obvious choice. You have the equipment and the skills, and you’ve likely explored many flavors and different types of beer. Of course, most of your customers come in for the atmosphere and your unique brews. But why not cater to beer drinkers’ friends and family? A growing number of people want to be healthy, lose weight, or drive sober. NA beers and other tasty solutions allow people to stay sober and still enjoy their visit.

Naturally, non-alcoholic beers are the best options for breweries, a natural fit. Abstainers can fit right in with the crowd, and only the server needs to know they’re drinking NA if that’s what they prefer. In addition, the best NA beers deliver the heady aroma and satisfying crisp taste of regular beer, making non-drinkers feel more at home.

You can brew NA beer in all kinds of trendy flavors and styles, just like craft beers. Your NA selections can echo the same flavors as your craft beer or go in a completely different direction, but you should always be mindful of your brand.

All Kinds of Water

Four mason jars filled with colorful blue, yellow, blue, and green infused waters sit in a row on a stone slab. Each mug has a garnish of lime and mint.Flavored waters are hugely popular, from fruit-infused water dispensers in hotel lobbies to the massive variety of seltzers on grocery shelves. So how can you cash in on the trend? The simplest way is to stock flavored water and seltzers, but if you want to stand out – and give your customers something to talk about – get creative. If it sounds fancy, you can charge the same price as coffee or tea – and enjoy a more significant markup.

1. Craft Seltzer

Making your own bubbly seltzer water is an easy non-alcoholic option for breweries. In case you’re wondering, seltzer and sparkling water are essentially the same; just water carbonated with carbon dioxide, so it’s nice and bubbly.

Another reason you might want to create your signature seltzers is that they make great mixers – a healthier option for the drinking or non-drinking crowd over sodas or sugary fruit juice. Flavored seltzers mix well with wine, alcohol, or fruit juices for a tasty mocktail.

But market growth is the best reason to get into the sparkling water business. The Brainy Insights estimates that the sparkling water market will continue to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2022-2030, and the market size will be worth $93.8 billion. So it’s an excellent time to grab a share of a gigantic, fast-growing market.

2. Muddled Water

Muddling essentially means crushing. So you might muddle mint leaves, a whole strawberry, or a few blackberries in the bottom of a cup or glass before pouring in tea or water. The muddled ingredient mixes with the water for a more intense flavor and aroma. Muddling produces a strong taste without adding calories or sugar.

3. Infused Water

In terms of sheer refreshment, it’s hard to beat ice-cold infused water. Citrus fruits are popular, as are strawberries, melons, and cucumbers. Experiment with flavors, like raspberry lime or mango strawberry, to find appealing flavors people won’t mind paying for.

Exotic Teas

Iced tea is undeniably popular, and the varieties you can stock and serve are endless. Here, too, is an opportunity to serve an underserved population. While consumers today are far more health and sugar conscious, few restaurants, bars, and pubs serve unsweetened tea, and those serving flavored tea rarely have more than one choice.

Since tea mixes well with fruit drinks, seltzers, and some liquors, tea can serve dual duty and doesn’t take up much space. If you want to get trendy, boba tea (also called bubble tea), swimming with tapioca pearls or other chewy globules small enough to fit through a straw is enormously popular.


Two glasses are filled with light red liquid and garnished with orange slices, lime slices, mint, and blueberries.Mocktails are simply beverages that mimic alcoholic drinks but contain no alcohol. They’re also called zero-proof cocktails or virgin cocktails. Traditional choices include iconic drinks like Shirley Temples (7Up or Sprite with cherries), virgin Marys (Bloody Mary without vodka), or a virgin colada (pina colada with no rum). Mocktails typically combine juice, soda, herbs, sparkling water, spices, and syrups to create enticing concoctions.

Creating a unique mocktail is much like creating a signature cocktail. It requires a lot of experimentation, and sometimes you must take a leap of faith and throw in an unexpected flavor. For the wellness crowd, you probably want to focus on a crisp, clean taste and light sugar content. Try using your sparkling water as a base for mixed fruit flavors, aromatic herbs, or a hint of hot peppers to spice things up. Mocktails can be savory (like a Bull Shot), sweet, or crisp, but they should be delicious and different.

Why Non-Alcoholic Options for Breweries are Impressive Customer Care – and Good for Your Bottom Line

It has never been easy for non-drinkers. Few social gatherings outside church cater to people who prefer sobriety or even people who just want to change things up. Abstinence involves giving up a lot more than alcohol. Teetotalers, especially recovering alcoholics, can participate in very few social and professional activities without triggering a relapse or succumbing to friendly pressure. We are conditioned to drink at gatherings, so not drinking seems antisocial. Add unattractive choices limited to sugary sodas and tap water, and a non-drinker can feel deprived and left out.

Attractive alternate options, from full-flavored non-alcoholic beer options to limited edition sodas, let patrons feel like part of the celebration even if they aren’t interested in imbibing. Catering to your non-drinking customers shows that you honestly care about what they want and need.

NA options are good for business, and the markup on in-house selections can be quite high. And if your drinks are successful enough, your brand could reach a whole new market. The key to success is promoting your new products with the same enthusiasm as launching a new craft beer.

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