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In today’s ever-growing market for new and interesting restaurant and food service ideas, a food truck is among the top trends quickly growing. Food trucks are restaurants on wheels, able to move about a city, bringing a restaurant’s food to customers outside of brick and mortar walls. While a food truck is a hefty investment to make outside of a restaurant, it can be a worthy one when done correctly. Investing in food trucks allow restaurants to extend their reach while creating new experiences and even new menu items. For more on food truck culture, check out Reliable Water Services’ boiler room blog.

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Is Food Truck Culture Right For Your Restaurant?

The number of food trucks is on the rise and that’s a good sign for the restaurant industry as a whole.

The popularity of food trucks is soaring and shows no signs of slowing down. Budding chefs and restaurateurs once saw food trucks as a novel way to enter into the culinary industry without a brick and mortar investment. Now, even established eateries are embracing food trucks for a variety of reasons. Before you starting truck shopping or coming up with punny names for your menu, consider the benefits and the challenges of operating a food truck connected to your restaurant. Here’s what every restaurateur needs to know about the trend.

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