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Food waste can be minimized in your restaurant with some simple tips and a little organization. Sometimes, reducing waste is just a matter of good planning and efficiency, or knowing what your options are. In some cases, throwing away food is the same as throwing away your hard earned money!  To keep costs down consider these tips: a fridge filing system, portion control and educating your employees. To reduce food waste consider composting or donating leftovers to charity. If your restaurant takes to go orders, check out the latest technology in online ordering systems to make to go orders quick and easy for your customers. In addition to cutting costs by wasting less, restaurants might consider a installing a high efficiency water heater. Reliable Water Services has high efficiency and standard water heaters to meet all your restaurant needs. All heaters come with options for installation, 24/7 repair technicians and great customer service!

food waste in restaurants
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Reducing Restaurant Food Waste: 9 Tips for Food Waste Solutions

Smart restaurant owners can use these great tips to address the problem of food waste and reduce the amount of product that ends up in the dumpster out back.

Restaurant food waste comes from several sources. It may be food that spoils because it’s been in your kitchen too long. It may be food that drops on the floor and becomes unsanitary to serve. It may be food that your customers send back, either uneaten or as scraps of a satisfying meal. Whatever the source, reducing food waste will improve several parts of your business. It saves you money, gives back to the community and can even bring in some good press for a new restaurant or a rebranding.

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