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Looking for marketing tips for apartment owners? Look no further!

Sometimes the size of a studio apartment can be undesirable for renters, but smaller appliances like refrigerators or stoves can save space in a small kitchen. Stackable washer and dryer units also save on space and are very appealing for people who don’t want to haul clothes to the laundromat. Shelving units to increase storage is always a desirable feature in a small apartment.

Additional marketing tips for apartment owners are offering furnished apartments and allowing pets in your buildings. Furnished apartments can expand your offerings to new and different rental customers. Pros include appealing to short-term renters and travelers or college students. Cons include purchasing the furniture. To get around this expense, purchase the furniture at secondhand stores and use slip covers for protection and added style. Pet owners can make great tenants since they have proven that they can handle additional responsibility. They will also often pay higher rental prices for the ability to live with their pets. You may want to charge a maintenance or cleaning fee in order to cover the cost of any damage.

You’ve got a lot to consider when marketing and managing your apartment building or complex and Reliable Water Services offers many options to make your job easier! Reliable Water Services offers affordable rental packages which include around the clock technicians, helpful customer service and peace of mind. Serving landlords in Wisconsin and Indiana.

studio apartments
Energy Savings & Money Savings

How to Market an Apartment: Making Small Studios Appealing

Turn a hard-to-market small studio apartment into a high-demand property with simple tips to boost the appeal.

Small studio apartments are often thought of as challenging units for property owners to fill. Striking the right balance between affordability and profitability is the challenge to finding tenants, but if the space is marketed correctly, the pool of potential renters opens up significantly. Proper marketing requires capitalizing on a product’s appeal. Small spaces offer many advantages for smart renters. All it takes is basic marketing prowess and thinking outside the (small) box.

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Apartments & Property Management, Industry News & Tips

Furnished Apartments: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Is the extra money and effort it takes to furnish an apartment worth the work?

Property owners often make tough decisions as to what perks they offer their renters. For many years, utilities-included rental options (heat, energy and water) were a competitive advantage. Nowadays, additional specialized markets have arisen to address more specific renter needs (like small-space studios), so property owners must adapt and offer new services to fit these changing market needs. One such marketplace is fully furnished apartments. Some renters don’t want the hassle of moving furniture into an apartment or worrying about choosing décor. Others have temporary situations, like work or school, which makes a fully furnished apartment very appealing. But is the the extra money and time it takes to furnish an apartment worth it for landlords?

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