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Integrating Holistic Healthcare Into Your Facility

holistic healthcare

Holistic healthcare practices look after the physical, social and psychological needs of your patients, which goes a long way toward keeping everybody happy and healthy together.

You’ve already got a healthcare center full of medical professionals linked into the best technology. You have caregivers offering assistance above and beyond the call of duty. If you’re looking to take the next step, consider mixing holistic healthcare practices into your healthcare center. Holistic healthcare looks after multiple needs. Residents need more than just treatment for illnesses. They need psychological, physical and social support. Centers that offer multiple styles of support have happier residents, which improves the quality of life for everyone.

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The Baby Boomers aging into the healthcare center demographic want something beyond the care centers of the past. They’ve lived exciting lives but aren’t ready to give up their sense of freedom quite yet. Alternatives to traditional care centers, such as the holistic healthcare centers, are  growing in the rental market for those who need assisted living. They want to feel like they’re still active and a part of society. The pursuit of natural wellness offers physical, psychological and social activity.

Holistic Healthcare Wellness Activities

Many seniors have mobility issues that hamper their physical fitness. Retirees now live for up to 20 years in retirement and not exercising during that time can damage more than just the body. Offering yoga classes to your residents helps them keep their body fit without requiring an investment in exercise equipment that might go unused. Yoga offers simple, easy exercises and a space to relax the mind. It focuses on flexibility and gradual improvement. Even those residents put off by traditional exercise can find some benefit in a weekly yoga class.

One of the best parts about school was the field trips. Your care center could be the same way. There are traditional choices like shopping malls and local casinos, but you can make wellness a part of your agenda, too. Work with local gyms to offer your residents discounted memberships (or offer them direct sales through you). Take advantage of cultural opportunities like museums and shows to engage minds as well as bodies – that is what holistic healthcare is really all about. Ensure your residents get a chance to see the unique sights and experiences of your city. Too often, locals rarely get to do the tourist locales. Give your residents the chance to do the things they never thought to do themselves.

holistic healthcare

Giving over some space to a community garden also expands your holistic healthcare repertoire. With desires for organic and locally produced fruits and vegetables on the rise, it doesn’t get more local than your backyard. Residents that engage in the program bring years of gardening knowledge to the table and it also gives them an easy activity that yields concrete results. Seeing the fruit of your labors is one thing; seeing actual fruit that can be enjoyed by staff and resident alike is something else entirely. A successful garden can lead you to a search for more green endeavors.

Helping Every Body Helps Everybody

Residents seeking holistic healthcare aren’t likely to stop with themselves. Much as a body part is part of a larger whole, so too is one person a part of a larger community. That garden can be the first step on a path allowing your healthcare center a chance to impact the environment in a positive way. Not all the items grown in the garden may make it to your kitchen, but that’s okay. Composting is a cheap and easy way to recycle organic matter into fertilizer for next year’s garden. It also keeps your residents aware of the garden during the post-harvest months by looking for good sources of compost materials they can use to make sure next year’s garden grows even wilder.

Not only can gardens supply you with fresh food, they can teach your staff to cut down on food waste. This can lead to a push to recycle materials within your facility. Recycling can be an activity for both staff and resident. Why not pit them against each other to see how much recyclable material they can each find? Give the winners a nice little perk and maybe even give the other team a bit of a reward for trying so hard.

How Holistic Healthcare Helps You

Going green and implementing holistic healthcare practices works on two fronts. It’s an approach that you can talk about in your press releases and marketing materials. People love to hear about businesses giving back to the community. Eco-friendliness is viewed as a very positive trait by most people, especially the Baby Boomers that are seeking out care centers. It can also save you money in the long run. Eco-friendly light bulbs can cut down on replacement costs for starters. Your residents will likely have some suggestions for improving your green initiatives.

Supporting your residents and engaging with them goes a long way towards making them happy. They want to feel they still matter and that they’re still people. Offering holistic healthcare tools to keep them engaged will let them live longer and better. Show that your healthcare center emphasizes care and the residents will care back. holistic healthcareIf your current residents are happy, that means new ones will hear good stories and good word of mouth. No advertising dollars are as useful as a satisfied customer.

Holistic healthcare looks after the physical, social and psychological needs of your patients. Baby Boomers want more comprehensive care from facilities and adapting holistic healthcare practices gives you an edge. Seniors yoga classes keep your residents physical healthy. Exciting activities engage their social needs. Projects like community gardens provide psychological nourishment as well. Holistic healthcare ideas also apply to your facility’s role within the community. Recycling and green initiatives reflect their impact back in happier communities and more engaged residents. That feeling goes a long way toward keeping everybody happy and healthy together.

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Images courtesy of Flickr user Take Back Your Health Conference licensed under CC by 2.0.

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