6 Amazing Ways Breweries are Helping During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Breweries are the lifeblood of the Midwest. Brewing beer is tied to our heritage and an integral part of our history.

Because breweries are so near and dear to the heart of Midwestern culture, the Coronavirus impact has been especially painful. Seeing breweries struggle to deal with unprecedented economic challenges hurts us all. But there is some hope in this time of darkness. Here are some amazing ways breweries are rising to the moment to fight the impact of COVID-19.

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Brewery owners and workers know that the Coronavirus outbreak has been particularly painful for the industry. While we’re all concerned about the safety and health of our loved ones, the economic shutdown has deeply hit the brewing industry and thrown an uncertain future into further question.

Fortunately, there are resources and advocacy for the brewing industry. The Tavern League, Brewers Association, and other food and beverage associations have been working to ensure that brewers will receive funding to stay afloat. While the situation is far from ideal, there’s new information rolling out almost daily. The impact on the industry is certainly not unnoticed and solutions are continuing to develop.

Communities have also rallied around their beloved breweries in support. Whether it’s buying gift cards, merch, or beer, people are doing their best to ensure money is still coming in the door for restaurants and breweries.

Breweries themselves have found some innovative and creative ways to rise to the occasion. After all, the industry is full of creative and innovative thinkers who are constantly updating formulas, finding new brewing techniques, and changing their branding and approach to beer.

We will make it through this difficult time together. Midwestern states like Wisconsin and Indiana love their breweries and we will continue to support these important establishments. Here are some ways breweries are making it through this difficult time during the Coronavirus disruption:

1. Making Hand Sanitizer

Breweries are helping their communities by putting beer production on hold and instead, brewing hand sanitizer Across the country brewers and distillers have changed their brewing menu to include making hand sanitizer. Since the Coronavirus requires frequent hand washing, the demand for hand sanitizer became overwhelming, with sanitizer selling out everywhere.

Breweries and distilleries realized they already had the equipment needed to whip up and bottle batches of hand sanitizer easily and safely, so of course, they stepped up to the plate. Many of the sanitizing products will go to first responders and medical personnel, who are woefully short on this important product.

Breweries have gotten creative with the designs and formulas, including adding their logo to the products and even making scented (and flavored?) varieties of hand sanitizer to meet peoples’ demands. While it might be a departure from the brewing norm, it keeps breweries running, keeps workers employed, and meets the critical need for sanitizer.

2. Offering Free Beverages to Healthcare Workers

Restaurants have been offering free and discounted meals to healthcare workers as they work on the frontlines to battle the virus. Some breweries are providing workers with a tasty beverage to help wash down their meals.

Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery offered free 6-packs of Riverwest Stein to healthcare workers on April 14th. This kind gesture was a meaningful acknowledgment to the workers for their outstanding efforts against Coronavirus.

Other breweries have upped their meal production to include food for frontline workers. This gesture has been particularly popular for breweries that also house a restaurant in their establishment.

3. Providing Home Delivery or Creative Grab & Go Options

Breweries are staying afloat during Coronavirus by offering to-go beer packages for customersWhile pickup has been prevalent amongst breweries and restaurants, some breweries are also offering delivery and drive-through options. While this option has taken some creative finagling, it’s given people a great opportunity to enjoy a beverage while they shelter-in-place at home.

Several Indiana craft breweries have hopped on the delivery idea and residents are enjoying the ease of beer delivered right to their door. There’s no need to get dressed or even leave the couch, and they can still enjoy a delicious craft brew!

A group of seven Wisconsin brewers created a “drive-through brewery” experience, where patrons could pull up to choose from many different options from the comfort of their car (and then take the beer home to open and enjoy, of course). This event was extremely popular and will likely happen again soon. Many restaurants and breweries are even finding the merits of offering curbside pickup and to-go food as permanent options.

4. Finding Innovative Ways to Check IDs

One of the biggest challenges to buying and selling beer is making sure patrons are of-age. With delivery and even pick up, checking IDs presents a major challenge, especially since guidelines tell us to stay six feet apart at all times.

Fortunately, breweries have found creative options, including allowing patrons to pre-register and receive a QR code that can be scanned each time they pick up. This simple process allows breweries and restaurants to keep their workers safe.

Curious about getting your brewery set up for QR code pickup? There’s a simple tutorial here on 2ndKitchen. The process is relatively fast and can provide no-contact pickup for your patrons.

5. Crafting Special Brews

Some breweries are making special brews with a message for Coronavirus. The Wisconsin brewery, Ale Asylum made a beer with a cheeky name to tell COVID-19 exactly where to go. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to aid frontline healthcare workers, as well as unemployed industry workers.

Several Indiana brewers collaborated on special “Social Distance Pale Ale.” All proceeds from this unique beverage run will go toward helping industry workers who are affected by the economic downturn.

Other brews-of-the-moment are cropping up across the United States. In Georgia, Wild Heaven Brewery created “Fauci Spring” beer to commemorate Dr. Fauci, the national infectious disease expert.

6. Finding Other Creative Options

Breweries are finding creative ways to get their beer to customers during the COVID-19 pandemicOne thing’s for sure, breweries aren’t taking the hit lying down. They’re fighting to keep going and finding creative ways to stay afloat. Some breweries are using the downtime for cleaning, updates, and equipment repairs.

Other breweries are finding creative ways to keep patrons engaged and excited about their beer. Offering online trivia, social media-based events, live music streaming, and other virtual brewery events allow beer-lovers to still have the taproom experience.

There are some breweries that are even offering a free roll of toilet paper with their curbside pickup. Others are relying on sales of soda and other products to help them bridge the gap.

Although this has been an unprecedented challenge for the brewing industry, one constant remains—Midwesterners love breweries and beer! We’re all in this together and communities will continue to rally around and support the industry we love so much.

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