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Many business could use commercial water heater help to take some of the stress out of their hot water needs. When looking for more information about water heaters, assistance choosing the correct equipment for your water heating needs, and help with repairs and service look no further than Reliable Water Services. We serve a variety of business types in Wisconsin and Indiana.

The first obstacle when getting a water heater for your business is simply trying to figure out which water heater is right for your needs. There are high efficiency and standard to choose from. There are also a multitude of sizes and different features. Then there’s the issue of recovery time.  Also,  you must take into account your usage, your location, your weather and your various needs.  As you can see, it’s a complicated decision! A phone call to Reliable Water Services can get you the help you need to sort out all the difficult details. Our qualified representatives will take your vital info and calculate the BTUs, correct size, type and gallons for your water heater needs.

Another great service we offer for commercial water heater help is water heater rental. Water heater equipment can be pricey! Renting your unit can save a lot of money up front, and our rental units come with service coverage to protect your business from ever having a hot water emergency.

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Why Would Anyone Rent a Water Heater?

With so many great reasons to rent, why wouldn’t you make this choice?

When people ask us, “What does your company do?” the short answer is easy to sum up in two words – HOT water! But those words don’t wholly explain the full spectrum of the services we offer here at Reliable. Specifically, Reliable Water Services rents commercial water equipment – water heaters, boilers, softeners, and more – to businesses that need it. These businesses often include companies in the hospitality and service industry, such as restaurants, senior living facilities, hotels, breweries, and apartment buildings. The question typically following this explanation is, “Why would anyone rent a water heater?”

To answer, we say, “Why would anyone not rent a water heater?” Here are the reasons why in the commercial world, water heater rental is the way to go!

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Proactive Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Preventative plumbing maintenance is the first step to avoiding the worst problems.

Plumbing problems are a fact of life—they’re going to happen, no matter what. You have one of two options: wait for problems to manifest and try to deal with the unexpected expenses (and headache), or you can be proactive about your plumbing.

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