Here Comes the Bride: Setting Up Spas for Wedding Parties

Everyone loves a good wedding. It’s a beautiful day full of memories that will last for years to come.

As a spa or salon owner, bridal weekends are a big part of your revenue. Trying to develop unique and innovative ways to attract bridal parties to your business can be challenging. We’ll help you brainstorm and see what might work for your salon.

It’s no secret that the wedding industry is a highly profitable niche to be a part of. If you can establish yourself as a destination and reliable salon for brides on their big days, you can ensure a relatively steady stream of income for your business.

But what are some tips and ways to make your salon stand out in the seemingly endless list of options? How do you attract a wedding party to you when there are so many others in the crowd?

6 Ways to Market Your Salon to Brides & Wedding Parties

One Google search, and you can easily find the multitude of salons in your area that will offer bridal packages to wedding parties. Making sure that your salon is top of mind for prospective clients isn’t as overwhelming as you may imagine.

1. Market Your Salon Online

A website homepage template laid out on a pink background. This salon and spa website homepage shows a wellness center skin and beauty care services and more.

If your salon doesn’t already have an online presence, then this is the year you should focus on creating one. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, your salon and its offerings can spread not just in your community but around the globe with just a few keystrokes. Sharing pictures on social media of what you can offer, from hairstyles to salon chairs, is a smart and inexpensive way to pull in some business. You can even consider creating your own hashtag for satisfied bridal parties after their big day.

2. Attend Wedding Expos

It’s no secret that a wedding expo is a prime spot to reach many brides, grooms, and the rest of their planning committee. Take a weekend to rent a booth or a chair at a local expo and immerse yourself in everything related to the wedding planning business. Bring posters that showcase your salon, your work, and consider offering brief consultations if your staffing allows. With a stack of business cards and a few pieces of candy, you’ll have a line at your booth wanting to learn more.

3. Host an On-Site Expo or Open House

If the high energy of a full bridal expo isn’t quite your speed, consider offering a small, on-site expo in your salon. Partner with local florists, bakeries, and more to showcase why you should be top of their list for their wedding. Bring in some wine and snacks, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your salon fills with potential clients.

4. Network with Others in the Wedding Industry

Word of mouth can be one of the biggest opportunities for your salon. Knowing the right people can increase your circle of potential customers tenfold. Get to know other vendors in the industry and leave a supply of business cards with caterers, bakeries, photographers, and other wedding vendors. Offer to promote their services as “preferred vendors,” and vice-versa. You could even consider inviting a local blogger or reporter in for a complimentary service to review and highlight you in their publication.

5. Stay Connected with Your Brides

Once the wedding day has come and gone, it can still benefit you to stay in touch with your brides. Start with a thank you note to each bridal client, acknowledging that you know how many choices and appreciate that they trusted you with their big day. In addition to the thank you, you can remind local bridal parties of the other services you offer and potentially convert a one-time customer to a regular. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, send a happy anniversary message as well to your brides and remind them of the excellent choice they made by choosing you.

6. Offer Rewards for Referrals

Like networking, referrals are an inexpensive and easy way to grow your business. Word of mouth is a popular way for potential bridal customers to seek a new salon. Share your services with current clients and create a bonus for them if anyone books with you due to their referral. Simple and easy!

How to Design Salon & Spa Packages for Wedding Parties

This bridal party is ready for the big wedding day, in matching pink spa robes and flowers.Another way to attract wedding parties to your salon is by offering packages for your potential customers. From hair to wedding day makeup and nails—depending on the services you offer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your talents.

Create custom salon and spa options for brides.

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their salon needs. Offer a variety of packages priced at various dollar amounts to attract a wide variety of groups. As you create these groups, be sure to keep your staffing needs in mind as you build your menu of options.

Test drive salon and spa wedding party offers before launching.

Try out exclusive offers like discounted (or free) test runs for brides and their parties leading up to their wedding day. This will ensure that you know exactly what your bride is looking for on her big day and that you are both on the same page for her perfect wedding look. Concerned about costs? Build makeup trial costs into your overall service cost, offering the trial as a free benefit of booking a wedding day package.

Offer complementary products to brides and wedding party members.

Small touches go a long way. Something as simple as a tube of lipstick after makeup service or complimentary sample-size hair products after styling are little touches with a big impact on your brides.

Offer travel options for on-site wedding day hair and makeup.

Not every bridal party wants to travel to a salon. If you are able, offer traveling services. Being able to take your services to a hotel, home, or another venue can be the key factor in a bride booking your salon for their big day. Because this service is literally going the extra mile, you can offer it at a higher price point for clients who are willing to pay for this service.

Don’t forget that men in wedding parties also need salon and spa services!

Today’s wedding parties include “bridesmen” or “groomsmaids” who want to be pampered as well. You can create packages that will appeal to the men—from facials to manicures, there are many options to consider.

How Salons and Spas Can Keep Brides & Wedding Parties Happy

A hairdresser works on a bride's hair, tied up into a braided bun and pinned in place with rose-decorated pins and beads.Whether you’re dealing with a bride who knows exactly what she wants or one that’s a bit more “loose” with her plans, at the end of the day, ensuring the bride and her bridal party are happy are one of the most crucial steps needed when catering your salon or spa to wedding parties.

Set reasonable expectations in your policies and contracts for wedding parties.

For your sake and the sake of the bridal party, having a clear contract for wedding parties is the best way to make sure expectations are set. As a salon owner, you will likely be giving up other business to accommodate the bridal party on their big day. Requesting a down payment to reserve the space and your services should be welcomed by your client. At the same time, the bride will be expecting a certain atmosphere for her gathering, so ensuring you have space reserved for her and her bridal party is an excellent compromise. As long as both parties know what to expect on the big day, things should go smoothly.

Communicate with your bride or wedding party and have a solid plan for the big day.

No one paints a masterpiece the first time they pick up a paintbrush. Practice is often necessary to create the final perfect piece. The same is true when it comes to hair and makeup. Trial runs for wedding day salon and spa services are critical, so you know what your bride and her bridal party are looking for ahead of time. Test products and make an accurate list of supplies the party will require so you can have them on-hand for the wedding day (especially if you’re traveling to the bride on the big day). Knowing what to expect and having it all prepared will make the day go smoothly.

Salon & spa ambiance sets the mood.

You may find yourself with a few nervous brides on their big day, so ensuring your salon is inviting and relaxing will help ease some anxiety for your guests. Beyond simply providing a clean salon for their big day, you might consider partnering with a local vendor to offer handmade lotions or candles to add to the relaxing atmosphere. Try to keep your bridal party in a more private part of your salon, away from the hustle and bustle of your normal morning business.

Go the extra mile for your brides and wedding parties.

Making your salon stand out among competitors can be your biggest challenge, so bring in some bonus features to woo your bride. Partner with local restaurants to offer some easy-to-eat finger foods or snacks. Offer coffee, tea, or mimosas from a nearby café or restaurant. Think about the little details, like wedding day emergency kits, water for the bride and wedding party, or even the music you’re playing in your salon or spa. These small add-ons will bump you up on the list as your potential bride considers where to spend her big morning.

Ensuring your bride has a picture-perfect day can feel high pressure—no one wants to be on the hook for ruining someone’s wedding. Perfecting your salon or spa offerings for wedding parties and brides can attract a lot of new business. If you market your salon and spa wedding services well, put together the perfect packages, and keep your brides and their parties happy, you’re sure to have satisfied customers.



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