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8 Hotel Room Amenities to WOW Your Guests

As every hotel owner knows, the hospitality industry is very competitive.

Hotels must stay up to date on the popular trends and hotel amenities to keep vacancies down. Offering extra room amenities doesn’t mean you need to invest in every trend or latest invention. Oftentimes, popular room amenities start with simple necessities like an excellent variety of toiletries or quality towels, bedding and pillows. Make sure you’re providing all the basic luxuries before expanding your hotel room services. Here are 8 popular amenities to entice your guests and keep them satisfied.

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With over 50,000 different hotel properties across the United States, the needs and wants of travelers are ever-changing. It’s your job as the hotel owner to ensure the room amenities provided at your establishment are top notch.

An excellent way to figure out where your customers stand is by asking them. Explore what amenities are satisfying your customers and what they want more of. Encourage guests to give feedback directly to you, right after their stay. Not only does direct feedback help curb less-than-stellar reviews on travel sites, but it’s helpful when creating a plan of attack for updating room amenities.

After you’ve explored what’s working for your customers (and what isn’t), look to the competition. Researching what type of amenities similar hotels offer is another great way to decide what improvements to incorporate. The idea isn’t to copy your peers but to stay up on industry trends and keep your hotel thriving.


8 Popular Hotel Room Amenities & Perks

1. Free Wi-Fi and Technology Friendly Accessories

All hotels should offer free Wi-Fi and all the right contraptions to easily charge any type of smartphone. Today’s tech-savvy traveler wants to stay in hotels where their technology needs are taken into consideration; they want hotels offering simple, accessible ways for guests to stay connected. An aux cord to easily play music or a Bluetooth speaker are valuable additions to any room.

Hotels like theWit in Chicago, provide touch screen telephones, an entertainment center, several free channels and a docking station for iPods. A technologically advanced hotel room creates a worry-free experience for your guests. They don’t need to fret about finding an outlet to charge their phone before they go out sightseeing and they’ll always have access to their personal email and social media accounts. This is especially important for business travelers who need to connect to a network via their laptop to get work done. These room amenities are small gestures to show you’re up on trends and understand the wants of your patrons.

2. Customizable Temperature Control

Guests need to feel completely comfortable for the duration of their stay. Their hotel room is a temporary home and the ability to personalize the temperature to their liking allows them to feel relaxed and content.

The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong provides an interactive tablet for every guest to use throughout their stay. With only one touch, room settings like air conditioning, heat, and even lighting can be adjusted. The smart tablet can be changed to one of 11 different languages so it’s accessible for any visitor. Popular room amenities make life easier for the guest and this feature does exactly that. Even if you’re not ready to invest in the latest smart technology, ensure your customers can control the temperature and climate of their hotel room at all times.

3. Comfort

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Pampering and comforting your visitors is a very crucial part of providing a fantastic stay for all guests at your hotel. As the hotel owner, it’s your job to ensure all perks and products offered exceed every person’s expectations.

High thread count sheets, quality comforters, and pillows are great room amenities but the Wynn Tower Hotel in Las Vegas knows exactly how to go the extra mile by offering luxury bathrobes, plush slippers and extra blankets for each of their guests to enjoy. These extra touches make guests feel like the hotel stay is part of their total travel experience. Help their stay feel like home…but elevated. Adding a little something above what is expected to make your visitors feel special and pampered will go a long way.

4. High-End Toiletries

Every hotel offers free bathroom amenities. Tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles are synonymous with vacationing, but often these products are a second thought. Go the extra mile to treat customers with special “spa” brand items. The brand of toiletries matters a lot and can really uplift the room amenities in the eyes of your visitor. Name-brand skin, body and hair care products add an element of luxury to the guest experience.

The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City is known for its top-quality hotel toiletries. Every bathroom is equipped with Aesop brand shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cleanser and lotion; shaving kits and dental kits are also available upon request. Investing money in acquiring a great brand of high-end toiletries to carry in all your bathrooms will add to the value of your hotel and provide a feeling of luxury all guests will enjoy.

5. Free Coffee and Tea

A coffee machine and tea maker are hotel room necessities. Hoteliers know their patrons don’t want to run downstairs to grab their morning boost and they certainly don’t want to walk a few blocks outside to the nearest Starbucks. Coffee in the hotel room makes life easier for all your guests.

Free coffee and tea in the room shows you really care. You want them to sleep in, relax and enjoy their morning coffee on the terrace and stay in their pajamas all day if they want. Offering up fresh cream or milk for their coffee/tea in the morning is another nice touch to please guests. Consider partnering with local roasters to include a coffee and tea brand popular to your city. This gives visitors a taste of local flavor to enjoy.

6. Daily Housekeeping

Every traveler knows that one of the best parts of the hotel experience is that there’s no need to worry about cleaning or tidying up. Daily housekeeping services show your guests you value cleanliness and organization. An option to consider is offering housekeeping more than one time a day. A few hotels provide housekeeping twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This is for those visitors who take naps later in the day and want a fresh room before they go to bed. Also consider offering extra services such as dry cleaning, for guests on the go.

Another option is to give your guests the chance to opt out of housekeeping services all together. Several hotels now offer incentives for those who decide to decline housekeeping for their rooms. Food and drink vouchers as well as hotel discounts are commonly awarded to those visitors. No housekeeping service means you save money on cleaning materials, as well as conserve water and electricity by doing less laundry. The option to decline housekeeping services is a great way to go green and help guests feel good about the hotel.

7. Turndown Services

The quality of this service differentiates the high-end hotels from the mediocre ones. Amazing turndown services are rare in hotels today which is why you should highly consider adding this to your list of room amenities offered; all your visitors will love it and thank you. The purpose of turndown services is to prepare the bed and get the room ready for guests to go to sleep and relax at the end of their busy day.

Each hotel has their own personality, and this shows in the types of turndown services offered. Hotels in nature-friendly destinations may provide different essential oils on the nightstand and fresh herbs on the bed, other hotels may leave inspirational quotes on the pillows and some even leave a nightcap featuring a popular local cocktail or beer. Turndown service is a chance for you to put your own spin on saying goodnight to your guests. Show how your room amenities are unique from other hotels.

8. A Welcome Treat

Hotel room bed with two wine glasses and a chilled bottle of wine.

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When you visit a friend, you often receive a welcome basket to help you settle in. Hotels can offer this same type of warm welcome, by providing guests with a drink, snack or gift. A welcome gift shows guests you are grateful to them for choosing your hotel. A basket of treats when they walk in the door or a fun specialty drink will help them feel extra special; it’s also a smart way to keep them happy if there’s a check-in wait.

Have fun with the type of welcome treat you decide to offer. It’s a great way to really let your brand and personality shine through. Several hotels known for their fireplaces offer a s’mores kit on the first night for everyone to enjoy near the fireside. Welcome treats can be any item—local or out-of-the-ordinary. They’re a reflection of your hotel character. One guest who stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in California noted the super cool welcome treat he received when arriving; a full bucket of Corona beers and a huge plate of nachos is what made his day. This special treat immediately made the guest feel he was on vacation and showcased the fun atmosphere at this hotel.

There is a lot of competition in the hotel industry and it is the specific perks and unique room amenities offered that will really help your establishment stand out. Consider incorporating these popular room amenities into your hotel and you’re bound to house only happy customers. The best amenities are the ones that encourage guests to rest, relax and get comfortable. While they may not stay inside all day, ensure that when they do, they’ll feel right at home!

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